Write with Clarity and Confidence

Coaching Program for Entrepreneurs who Teach Online

You’re staring at that website again. You know which one I’m talking about.

You’ve read it so many times that it’s almost embarrassing how well acquainted you are with it. And each time you open it, you ask yourself: “How the heck did she do it?”

You have a copy crush.

You close the tab and look at your website.


You’ve spent hundreds of hours rewriting and tweaking the copy, but it’s still not close to what you want to achieve: the same wave of enthusiasm that smashed you when you landed on the above-mentioned website for the first time.

You want your dream clients to feel this way, too. You want them to shout out loud “Yes!” and jump on your email list or hurry straight to the “Work with me” page.

But your Google Analytics and the number of subscribers and paying clients speak clearly: your website fails to do its job.

Something is missing from your web copy. It has all the words, but no spirit.

The words are just sitting there, yawning and doing nothing to impress readers and inspire them to take action.

You think it’s your fault. “I suck at writing,” you keep telling yourself. “I sound like a sleazy used car salesman.” Or even, “Why can’t I be more like  [insert your copy crush’s name]?”

Okay. Let me interrupt you right here and tell you something you need to hear:

+ You have all it takes to connect with your dream clients.

+ You have all the words and ideas you need, waiting for you to put them on paper.

+ And you won’t find the right words on someone else’s website, in a book or in a video course.

There’s no one else in the world who can connect with your audience better than you. Because no one knows your services, products, and clients as well as you do. No one will ever count the number of hours you spent working on this dream project. The sleepless nights and skipped meals that you’ll never regret, because you love your business.


No one loves your business more than you.

Don’t copy your copy; start from the core


To establish a deep connection with the people who will become your clients, fans, and volunteer brand ambassadors, you need to start from the core, not the surface.


And that’s what a writing coach can help you with.

By asking the right questions, I’ll help you uncover and articulate your core message – the place where your values meet with your dream client’s deepest frustrations, beliefs, and desires. That’s where we get started: by putting the core on paper.

Once you capture the core, the rest of the work becomes infinitely easier.


A strong message takes you from sleazy marketing techniques and cheap tricks to a deep connection with your audience.

From haziness and insecurity to clarity and confidence.


From a copy crush to your own crushworthy copy.

Imagine that: you are staring at that website again. No, not your copy crush. It’s your own website.

You still can’t believe it was you who wrote it.

The words are powerful. They don’t manipulate; they inspire. They don’t describe your services; they offer irresistible solutions. They don’t repeat empty clichés; they tell stories that connect.

You know that once your Dream Client finds you, they’ll hear you, listen to you, and trust you.

How does it feel?

Apply below and you can tell me soon.

Enrollment closed. 

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What’s inside

★ Three-week email coaching with bi-weekly homework + feedback= you can have a new website and start booking clients in less than a month

★ Additional three weeks of brand strategy – priority email support to help you get your website up and running

Recommended schedule + project plan to help you organize your work

★ Strategic worksheets to guide you through the process – six copywriting workbooks with powerful questions, formulas, checklists, planning sheets, and guidance for all the main parts of your web copy: homepage, about page, services page, blog page, contact page, and email opt-in (call to action + button copy)

Reading list and writing tools recommendations

Feedback on your writing and insights into editing and improving your copy to give your message more impact and power

★ An audit after your website goes live (I’ll go not just over your copy, but also branding, design, and user experience)

No generic advice, no Skype calls, and no long videos to watch. No irrelevant assignments. Just as much theory as you need, practical examples, a lot of practice, and personalized feedback. The spotlight is on you doing the work.

All you write is content for your website that you’ll be happy to publish and that will hustle for you so you concentrate on what you’re best at – teaching.

This is the only copywriting program that concentrates on online teaching websites (no matter if you teach a language or a creative/technical skill), developed by a teacherpreneur for teacherpreneurs.

Your workbooks:

And more:

Your investment


The program costs $455 when paid in full or 3 monthly payments of $160.

The investment will return in the form of new subscribers, fans, clients, and sold products. But money isn’t the most important thing – you can always make more money. What you can never get back is the time you waste trying to get it right on your own. 

I won’t write the copy for you to save you time, but I will help you turn the time you spend writing into an investment that will return. While working on the assignments, you will:

✎ learn basic copywriting strategies, so you can use them again and again,

✎ apply what you’ve learned to your own web copy,

✎ get clear about where your values and your “why” meet your ideal clients so you can connect with your audience on a human-to-human level and transform the way you communicate with them, forever.

My feedback will help you:

avoid the mistakes most people make when they DIY their web copy,

make your copy readable, error-free, elegant, and so clear that even non-native English speakers understand it (especially if you’re a native English speaker writing for the international audience or a non-native speaker who struggles with English grammar),

take the copy to the point where you feel confident about it, so you can stop spending countless hours rewriting and tweaking it.

As you can see, this isn’t just another online course.  It’s an investment that will save you money (and make you money), time, and frustration for the rest of your online career.

Yes, you can do it all alone.

You can spend hours writing, rewriting and tweaking your copy, and still not be sure if you’ve done a good job – which can result in a dull and hesitant copy, or even worse, in copycatting, which can ruin your brand before you even begin.

Yes, you can just write the copy and pay someone on Fiverr to proofread and edit it.

But that will only help you polish the surface – misspellings and grammar. Good grammar won’t buy you paying clients; good copywriting will buy you anything.

Yes, you can hire a copywriter.

Sometimes it’s the best solution. But even if the copy is great and converts like crazy, you’ll never know how they did it. Business is a dynamic thing. It grows and evolves. And if you hire someone to write your copy, every time something changes, you’ll need to hire a copywriter again.

Or, you can invest in this program and get everything:

Ready to publish copy for your website reviewed by a writing coach who specializes in online teaching websites, and the confidence, resources (workbooks, worksheets, tools), and ability to write and edit your own copy any time you need.

Here’s what my awesome clients say

Your class has sparked transformation in my writing. I can’t tell you how much my writing confidence has grown. I have written emails that received more opens, more responses and more engagement. (…) I’ve been receiving emails with offers for collaboration. I can’t even mention the sales. I did the road map training and made $375 on that 1 hour session, and the responses have been incredible. I now can tell that successful copy writing is key to everything that I do, and sales aren’t going to happen without powerful writing that speaks directly to the client and ignores those who aren’t my clients.
Elena Mutonono


Veronika’s coaching course was recommended to me by an online friend. I’d already seen Veronika’s copywriting skills in action so I knew that she walked the talk. However, I was a bit sceptical about buying because I’d never done email coaching before. She also mentioned that there would be no long theory videos or Skype calls involved which made me wonder if this program would be good fit for me.

I decided to go ahead and sign up for the program and I’m so glad I did! From the beginning, Veronika made me feel welcomed with my personalised syllabus. What I valued a lot in this program was the worksheets. They were amazingly helpful in getting my thoughts out of my head and on paper. Veronika also sent me a few articles to read which taught me some copywriting tips. Her course is entitled ‘Write with clarity and confidence’ and at the beginning, I was wondering how she’d be able to give me this desired result. But boy oh boy, she’s more than delivered!  Her feedback was encouraging and helpful and as a result my confidence in my writing has improved tremendously.

If you’re on the fence, I say go ahead and sign up. You won’t regret it.

Leandra King

English with Leandra

Is it for you?


We will be great together if:

✔ You’re a female entrepreneur who uses the Internet to market and sell your infoproducts (e-books, online courses) and/or your teaching, mentoring or coaching services, or you want to start an online teaching/coaching solo business soon.

✔ You’re a native/near native English speaker or a non-native English speaker at least at an upper intermediate level.

✔ You are motivated and willing to do the work.

Let me show you how we will work together


The program includes personalized feedback and support. We work in a cozy, intimate environment of an online 1:1 writing workshop and accept only a limited number of participants to ensure the best learning experience for everyone. Before you buy the program, I need to make sure that we’re a good fit and that I can help you. That’s why I ask you to fill out the form, first.

After you fill out the application form, I’ll get back to you (in three business days max).

I’ll make sure that this program is right for you. Then I’ll send you payment instructions, together with an initial questionnaire where you tell me a little bit more about yourself, your business, and your goals.

You’ll get your action plan and the coaching will begin. You’ll start getting homework (worksheets, writing and reading assignments) and get access to your client portal (Trello board).

After submitting your homework, you will get my feedback on your writing and tips on how you can improve it.

Enrollment closed. 

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What’s the program NOT about:

x Website design

Graphic design

x Technical help – WordPress, MailChimp, etc.

x Packaging, pricing

x Visual branding

x Sales pages and landing pages

x Email marketing

x Custom copywriting projects

Still have questions?

I’m here to help – get in touch!

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