Design and Tech Help

for online teachers, coaches, and course creators

Let me take care of the behind-the-scenes of your business so you can stay in your zone of genius: Teaching, coaching, and creating life-changing content and products.

need help with your website?

WordPress web design & tech help

When you run a business, your website is either making you money or costing you money—even if you have no website at all. But trying to put together a professionally-looking business website that people trust is no fun.

If you’re looking for a web designer who specializes in online teaching and coaching businesses, then you’re in the right place. 

I’m here for you, no matter if you are building a website from scratch or want to revamp your existing website. 

I can help you with:

  • setting up your website from scratch,
  • designing or redesigning your website,
  • branding your website (logo, color selection, image templates)
  • solving technical issues,
  • and more. 

“45% revenue growth and more high paying clients”

My revenue has gone up 45% in the past 12 months. Compared to my last year I’ve found more high paying clients and focused more on the work that energized me. I’ve had fewer launches and more secure income building more credibility as a brand, which I attribute to the excellent work by Veronika.

Elena Mutonono

Business Coach,

“Saves me so much time”

My website is now looking clean and running smoothly. I love the style guide and all the photos you’ve selected for me—I LOVE my brand personality now. And the templates you’ve created save me so much time. It’s a lifesaver. 

Shanthi Cumaraswamy Streat

Business English Coach,

need help designing your worksheets, workbooks, or printables?

Teaching material design

Want to feel confident in charging more for your lessons, coaching programs, and courses? Let’s get your teaching materials professionally designed. 

I can design your:

  • freebie (aka lead magnet aka a free gift for your subscribers),
  • worksheets, planning sheets, workbooks, and other printables you use with your clients,
  • worksheets, workbooks, slides, and other digital or printable materials you use in your online courses, programs, summits, and similar.

“I feel like need to charge more now”

Wow, I love it – it’s crazy how something so simple adds huge value to the worksheet! The way my course looks now, I feel like I need to charge more for it.

Cara Leopold

Listening Coach,

need help self-publishing your book?

Book and e-book design

Are you considering self-publishing a book to support your online teaching or coaching business? I’ve done it many times and can help you, too, make that idea a reality. 

Here’s what I can do for you:

  • cover design,
  • turning your manuscript into a professional, print-ready book to sell as a paperback on Amazon or other platforms,
  • turning your manuscript into a professionally formatted e-book to sell on Amazon (as a Kindle), your own website (as a PDF or EPUB), or other platforms. 

Your book may be a full-length book or a “low-content” book such as a planner, workbook, journal, and similar.