Let’s design your own plan for a better world.

Before you come up with a business plan, you need a business vision.

Everyone tells you that you need a business plan. And it’s true, you do need a business plan. But before you create one, you need a business dream. A vision. Your True North. Your plan for a better world.

You need to know where you’re going and why.

Not because “people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”which is also truebut because by working from the inside out, you’ll have a chance to impact more people and get them buy into your vision of the better world.

And that’s what matters.

This workbook will help you DIY your own brand manifesto that you can put on your about page, share with your clients, pin to your social media walls or to your home office walls, or keep just for yourself and look at whenever the me-too mentality, fear of being yourself, people-pleasing tendencies, self-doubt, or other brand killers crawl in.

What’s inside?

5 brandstorming exercises to help you uncover your “why,” values, and personality, draw a line between YOU and your brand, and design your plan for a better world.

This is a digital product (PDF). Download it below, print it out, and start using it in just a few minutes:

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